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Manami Sakamoto started her career as a Visual Jockey in 2010. She has been active during countless events at major clubs in Tokyo, Japan such as WOMB, ageHa, Vision, Air and many others. In 2013 she was selected and scheduled as regular monthly performer for a large electronic music event called “CLASH” at ageHa. In 2013 and 2014, she also performed at a very large outdoor music festival called “ZOUK OUT” which recorded an amazing attendance of over 30,000 people in Singapore. In 2014, she visited London, England to perform at local events and collaborated with Tomoki Tamura. Besides performing as a V.J. she has a plethora of skills as a video artist that has included promotion of luxury fashion brand, fashion show, concerts, music videos and live videos. Manami has the experience of working with variety of genres other than electronic music as well. She also has many different unique visualization techniques that she can incorporate with any musical genres. Manami’s personal style has been very successful for her throughout her career and she attributes a large portion of her success to staying true to herself and believing in her own vision.